So, who watched the new episode?

I’ve heard good things but I don’t wanna watch it if it’ll only make me sad that Ziva isn’t in this particular episode as I kind of imagined this would be such an amazingly heartbreaking but good episode for her character.

It was not anywhere near as dark as what we imagine to have happened in “Truth or Consequences.” I mean, Ziva was kidnapped/imprisoned, after being set up by her father, then tortured for weeks, with the belief that she would not live through the experience.

In the episode, a young Naval officer has the much more common horrific experience of being drugged and raped. Someone had put Ketamine into her drink when she and her shipmates were out on liberty in Key West. She woke up with obvious signs all over her body that she had been raped, but with no memory of what happened.

She had filed a “restricted report” - which meant that a rape kit was done, etc, BUT there was no investigation.

In real life, April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, something which the branches of the military are addressing as well. It is a huge problem within the military, even with special confidential hotlines set-up. People are afraid that they will never been looked at or treated the same way once they make a report. And the track record for finding perpetrators and prosecuting them is very poor. Which is something else that they want to improve.

Vance provided one of the most touching and humanizing parts of the episode. His daughter recently told him that she wants to become a Naval officer when she’s old enough because she has been inspired by the women she knows through her father’s work. And Vance was imagining how he would feel if, in a few years, something like this happened to his daughter. Rocky did a very good job with those scenes.

In the end, of course, they got their man. They found a pattern of women who had presented with physical injuries whose blood tests also showed Ketamine in their blood tests. NINE different women. From a number of different posts. A superior officer was brought in and arrested for all of those assaults.

It seems that under-reporting sexual assaults & rape is even more of a problem for the military than it is within the general population. It was a very sensitively done episode. One of the NCIS episodes that really works alongside what the real military is doing, right now in the month of April.

NCIS, “Page Not Found”, April 8, 2014, Actors: Margo Harshman, Sean Murray and more

The Scenes:

McGee and Delilah talk about their relationship

Delilah calls Tony

Daniel van der Veer: McGee and Delilah’s relationship has been one of the few highlights of the season. So it was sad to see that while McGee wanted to move one way, Delilah had another move in mind. In the end, their relationship still stands and they sorta both get what they want. I just hope we will keep seeing Delilah every now and then.

Tonya Papanikolas: Delilah calls Tony to talk and he hides in a closet with a cardboard cutout of himself. This scene made me laugh out loud! (In fact, I watched it three times and laughed out loud every time!) Tony was hilarious as he pretended Delilah was a magazine subscriptions employee and then hid in the closet sort of by himself. When McGee and Gibbs opened the door, I was in stitches!

NCIS LOS ANGELES, “Windfall”, April 8, 2014, Actors: Eric Christian Olsen, Daniela Ruah

The Scene: Deeks and Kensi finally chat at the end 

Tonya Papanikolas: Deeks and Kensi finally chat at the end of the episode. This scene was just what viewers had been waiting for. It took Kensi and Deeks back to how they acted with each other before her Afghanistan ordeal. It teased ahead to what is to come of their relationship as she gets back to the job and they will have to talk about where they stand with each other. (I’m so nervous for this!) And it showed that despite everything that happened to her, the true Kensi is not lost. 

2 pm on Sunday, April 13 - Ziva’s dad in “Hunt for the Labyrinth Killer”

Actor Michael Nouri stars in “Hunt for the Labyrinth Killer” a movie which is about to start on the LMN channel.

It’s a great mystery film, the kind you see and then immediately want to watch again because of the ending. If you’re looking for something to watch right now. They have been showing it off and on for months. Love it. 5 stars from me!